From now on you can not only sell your products in your village or city, but throughout Flanders, perhaps to neighboring countries or even worldwide. By opening a webshop next to a store, you can reach a much larger audience. You can reach many more people with a webshop than with a physical store. Thanks to a webshop you can not only sell in your region, but you could also expand to all of Flanders. From now on, people no longer have to travel to visit your store.

Cheap and fast start-up

Do you already have a shop? Think of a webshop as an extra (cheap) sales channel to appeal to a wider audience. For the Salehoo reviews this is important.

Don’t have a business yet?

You can start your business cheaply and quickly via a webshop. Your (start-up) costs are much lower. You don’t have to rent a building, you don’t have to pay a monthly electricity bill.

TIP: A webshop can also be the start to gain capital and fame, so that you can open your own store in the long term.

Additional advantages

Web space is virtually unlimited, so you can offer a wider range. If you use dropshipping, it is not even necessary to have a stock.

Furthermore, you can easily collect a lot of data about your customers. After all, customers have to provide their details when ordering. This way you know perfectly who your customers are and you can keep them informed of new articles. You can also propose related or similar products to customers based on their previous purchase history. Let us hear from you. This way you are more likely to remember your brand.

Online store

If customers in your store go back outside without buying anything, you don’t know what caused that. People also leave your webshop online, although you can see where and when most customers drop out. Via this information you can optimize your webshop.


A webshop has a lot of advantages. A webshop in combination with a physical store has an even greater advantage: customers who like to shop come to you while those who have never liked shopping can now buy their products online. This way you have the best of both worlds. It is also not because web shops are becoming popular that shops suddenly become less attractive. So continue as you are doing, but also think about what a webshop could mean for your store.