Microsoft Bookings is a great tool which makes it extremely easy to book your future appointments online with Microsoft. Allowing your clients or prospects to book online appointments with you. This helps save time and money for busy professionals. You will also be able to manage all of your clients contacts, appointments, events and calendars from one place. Customisation options available to you include the ability to set a preferred booking policy to personalise how and when appointments are booked. Additional features to help you make the most of booking online through Microsoft Bookings include:

Invites: Microsoft allows you to create invites which can be distributed to all of your clients or prospects. These invites can be saved in the user’s Inbox so calendar booking system they can be revisited at a later date. Invitations can include their names, their dates of appointment and what they are planning to do on that particular day. In addition, the system will remember who has requested the appointment so you can email them or send an automatic reminder in the future.

Notes: Notes can be created for each client or prospect. These notes can include any important information about the upcoming appointment such as the date, duration and location. If you want to share information about the appointment you can add photos and additional details. This will allow you to easily track your client’s progress throughout the appointment. Additional features that may be used with notes include sending and receiving appointment reminders, setting alarms and sending emails and text messages at pre-set intervals.

Notifications: Using Microsoft calendar you can send out automatic notifications. These notifications can be sent via email, SMS, automatic SMS or direct messages. These notifications will let your client know that an appointment is about to take place and that they need to attend in order to confirm they are attending. Notifications can also include additional information such as additional information or a link to another web page with additional information. Your client’s calendar will be more effective when it includes these different notification options.

Client Appointments: The most successful calendar booking system is one that enables your clients to make their own appointments. In order to do this you must have a feature that allows them to leave notes. Notes are an important part of booking, so make sure your calendar includes a notes option. This means that you can set up a form for clients to enter their information and leave notes. Additional note features such as printing their confirmation cards are also good ideas.

All calendar booking systems have a few basic requirements and a great deal of flexibility. You must choose a system that meets your specific needs. This is why you should speak with several different companies to get a feel for how their systems work and if they can offer you what you are looking for. Once you have narrowed your list down, you can then start communicating with them in order to find out more about their services and compare the cost.